Humanities & social sciences

Humanities & social sciences


Yunnan University enjoys a good academic atmosphere and a well-established ideological foundation in the fields of the humanities and social sciences thanks to its almost century-long historical tradition for and its academic heritage. The university upholds a motto of “Self-esteem, knowledge via investigation, Justice, and Diligent Practice” and it highlights opening-up, innovation, freedom and harmony. As a result, the university has been able to attract a galaxy of scholars of different generations to work and research here and they have produced abundant fruits in the humanities and social sciences which have contributed greatly to the academic strengths of the university.

Yunnan University has always advocated innovation, pursuit of truth, for people and for civilization. Since its establishment, Yunnan University, aiming to draw wisdom from many and carrying a noble grace of tolerance, has often been the home for outstanding scholars such as Gu Jiegang, Qian Mu, Chu Tunan, Zhang Xiruo, Feng Youlan, Fei Xiaotong,Yang Kun, Tao Yunkui, Liu Wendian, and Shi Zhecun. They have made great contributions to the development of the humanities and social sciences in modern China. Since the country’s reform and opening-up practices, there have appeared in Yunnan University an array of renowned scholars such as Fang Guoyu, Jiang Yingliang, Li Yan, You zhong, Zhang Wenxun and Zhou Ping who have helped greatly to enhance the university’s academic fame.

Yunnan University now has 20 schools (or institutes) of the humanities and social sciences, one MoE key research base for the humanities and social sciences, one Sino-Africa partnered academic center under the “Sino-Africa Think Tank 10+10 Partnership Program,” one comprehensive agency commissioned by MoE for poverty alleviation in West Yunnan’s mountainous regions on border (West Yunnan Development and Research Center), seven key research bases for philosophy and social sciences in Yunnan Province, one provincial research center, two provincial synergy innovation centers, seven new Think Tanks of Institutions of Higher Learning in Yunnan Province, 18 innovative groups for the studies of philosophy and social sciences in Yunnan Province, and one high-tech innovation group of Institutions of Higher Learning in Yunnan Province. The complete range of these high-standard disciplines and the active research agencies have furnished Yunnan University with a well-established research system which paves the way for interdisciplinary cooperation in the research of important subjects on China’s economic construction and social development.

Today, the scholars of the humanities and social sciences at Yunnan University will stick to the spirit of “Wisdom from Many and Justice for All,” giving a full play of getting to know the world, cultural inheritance, theoretical innovation, political consultancy and education, and social service as advocated in the humanities and social sciences. Yunnan University will promote its academic work on the basis of discipline construction, furthering the construction of disciplinary systems via academic strengths, and take advantage of its “Think-Tanks”. In so doing, it is hoped that Yunnan University will soon become a regional first-class university, the best in China, and famous worldwide.