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Yunnan University holds to the tenet that teaching should be student-centered and aim to cultivate talents, and university administration, teacher-centered and talent-oriented. Special funds have been on the rise for teaching and research facilities, library facilities and information system construction. In addition, service has been improved for commuting between campuses, communications and medical care.

The university library has a collection of more than 3,000,000 books, among which are rare ancient Chinese books and precious antiques. It also enjoys an advanced mirror service base of electronic academic resources for universities in west China .


Library on Donglu Campus (Yifu Building)    

Library on Chenggong Campus    



The campus network is the main node of CERNET in Yunnan, with 5 backbone nodes, more than 50 sink nodes, 15,000 access nodes, accessible to all the campuses. Yunnan University is responsible for the construction, operation and administration of ERNET of Yunnan Province, offering service for the connection between the campus networks of universities in Yunnan Province and CERNET and the Internet.



New Campus Construction (Cheonggong Campus)

Chenggong Campus is located in Yuhua area of Chenggong District, Kunming, covering an area of 216 hectares. The construction started in July 2008, and the Campus, with a construction area of 1030,000 m2, is designed for 38,000 full-time students. The first phase of construction of 620,000 m2 is almost completed. More than 6,000 students from 17 schools were relocated to Chenggong Campus from the main campus in July 2010.


The construction of Chenggong Campus, with an integrated plan, is divided into different phases, of which the first phase of construction of 620,000 m2 for teaching, accommodation and offices has been completed and come into service. The campus has contributed to expanding teaching space and improving the teaching infrastructure, laying solid foundation for the future development of the University.

Zehu Lake on Chenggong Campus


Lobby of the library on Chenggong Campus